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Our mission is providing our clients with reliable recommendations on how to operate their existing process gas and plant air compression systems, and to help select, design and integrate components of their new compressor control and safety systems

• Develop new and optimize existing control    strategies

o Surge prevention and surge protection
o Anti-choke control
o Prime mover control (turbine, VFD motor, variable speed hydraulic transmission)
o Compressor and prime mover sequencing
o Load  optimization  and  load  sharing
o Process control (capacity control, nuisance trip              avoidance control)
o De-bottlenecking control strategies
o Control of the auxiliaries

• Produce specifications for compressor controls      packages

• Determine system compliance with  applciable        machinery and process safety  standards

• Develop hardwired and data interafce integration between compressor protection systems and Machine Monitoring Systems (MMS)

​​ • Review  of  project  documentation
          o Control cabinet layout drawings
          o Wiring schematics and loop diagrams
          o I/O lists
          o Cause and Effect charts
          o Data communications lists
          o Human-Machine Interface
          o System architecture
          o Logic diagrams​​


• Project technical support
o Risk assessment and project management
o Review of customer specifications and breaking  them    down into manageable engineering tasks
o Recommendations, sizing and specifications for  instrumentation, logic solvers and control elements  to fit    the requirements of process application
​o Review of P&I diagrams and recommendations on  piping layouts and locations of system elements
​o Develop compressor performance test procedures
​o Technical consulting/management during factory  acceptance tests, system startup and commissioning